1.  To find your Senator, click on the link below then enter your zip code.  You will then have the names, addresses, and phone number of your State Senator and State Assembly Members. (Since this is a Senate Bill, we only have to contact our Senators at this time. If it goes to the Assembly, we will then need to contact our Assembly member.)

2.  Then,  click on his or her name to go directly to their website, where you will find his or her email address and fax number.

3.  Next: CALL YOUR  SENATOR'S OFFICE and state your objection to SB 1406.

4.  Then, send an email, fax, or a letter to your Senator!  Yes, in addition to calling, send one email, fax, or letter to your Senator.                                              Do it today!  It's as easy as cutting and pasting.

Tip: Most Senators will allow you to email them directly from their website. Use our Sample Letter (edited however you like) by cutting and pasting it directly into your Senator's email form or into your own email software.)

Take Action Now to Stop SB 1406

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